Do you have that one person you love and they are there 24/7 through all the confused thoughts, hatred feelings, lingering memories, and remind you that it will be ok and makes you feel like they take all the bad away?


Dont you hate those days were you just want to cry and you have no clue why?


You remember when you used to get upset when you lost a friend and had no one to walk with in the school halls. But do you remember the day you realized you no longer give a fuck


You ever get so confused with all the things being thrown at you at once that you just fall to your knees and pray that it will just all stop and go away and leave you alone

  • You live day by day
  • You wake up
  • Go to school.
  • Sit in the back of the classroom keeping to yourself.
  • People see you as quiet and nice and seem ok
  • But they dont see the war happening in your head everyday.
  • The conflict of emotions
  • The pain you secretly feel
  • The secrets you hold and never tell.
  • But you live day by day
  • Your not alone
  • Even the most known feel alone.